Charleston Aesthetics is a division of Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery.

Advanced Medical Technology

Revolutionizing oral surgery with safer, more accurate and faster results

Over the past 10 years there has been a revolution in the field of advanced medical technology for oral and maxillofacial surgery. Right from the beginning, COAFS has embraced new technology and the most innovative treatments to provide you a more accurate diagnoses and the best possible results.

Our  highly-trained staff, board-certified doctors and advanced medical technology combine to give you the ultimate patient experience–every single time.

Low-Radiation 3D Cone Beam Scanner

This quick and painless scan gives an exact 3D image of the face and jaw helping to provide an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan. Advantages are a very low radiation dose, greater accuracy during surgery and the potential reduction of multiple office visits.

CT Scan Guided Surgery—The Best Technology

Dental implant surgery needs to be accurate and predictable. The CT Scan takes the guesswork out of surgery. This greatly increases the safety, accuracy and efficiency of the procedure – all leading to less complications, shorter surgery time, enhanced treatment planning and typically lower treatment costs.

TRIOS® Digital Impression Scanner

Say goodbye to messy impression materials! Extremely detailed images are instantly transferred via the internet to begin the process of designing your treatment. Therefore, we provide you with an expedited process, better outcomes and exceptional-fitting restorations and appliances.

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Revolutionizing Oral Surgery
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