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Surgical Instructions

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Surgical Instructions

What should I expect on my day of surgery?

If you are undergoing sedation, do not eat or drink after midnight the night before. You must have a driver available to stay at the office during your procedure. Be prepared to pay any outstanding balance. We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Relax—you’re in good hands!


Why does my driver have to stay while I am in surgery?

We require a responsible adult be with you the day of surgery to make decisions on your behalf should any of our surgeons need to know something in regard to your health history while you are under IV sedation.

Am I allowed to stay with my child during their surgery?

Parents of young children may accompany their child prior to surgery. However, OSHA safety regulations, HIPAA privacy laws and staff and patient safety concerns do not permit bystanders during the surgical procedure.

Our guide to surgery provides you with information about what to expect from the moment you schedule your surgery right up to the day of your procedure.

Cancellation policy: 

If you need to cancel your scheduled surgery time for any reason, please give our office a minimum of 48-hours notice. We appreciate your cooperation.

Prior to the surgery appointment date:

Please review all surgical instructions and begin taking prescribed medications, if your doctor has given those to you, prior to your surgery date.

The day of your surgery:
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes early to allow time to complete necessary forms, make payments and have your final questions answered by the surgeon and his staff.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Wear a shirt with sleeves that can be easily pulled up above the elbow.
  • Remove nail polish before surgery and apply as little makeup as possible.

The level of sedation for your procedure will depend on what you have decided with your surgeon. All of our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are certified by the National Dental Board of Anesthesia.

Please follow these instructions exactly for your safety. If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to call our office.


This will block pain pathways in a localized area. Local anesthesia can be administered without a driver present, and you may eat or drink whenever you like if you have chosen this form of anesthetic. This anesthetic may last for 2-4 hours depending on the patient and will create a “numbness†effect in the general area in which it was used.


A pill will be administered for relaxation prior to giving the local anesthesia. No driver is needed, and food or drink may be consumed at any time prior to surgery.

NITROUS OXIDE (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide helps to decrease uncomfortable sensations and offers some degree of relaxation before surgery. Local anesthesia will then be given after the relaxation effect has occurred. No driver is needed, and food or drink may be consumed at any time prior to surgery.


Medications are given through a vein in your arm or hand, which will cause total relaxation and, although you will not actually be unconscious, there will be very little recall (if any) of the events throughout the surgery. Local sedation will also be given to numb the site for surgery, so the effects will most commonly still be present even after IV sedation has worn off.

  • DO NOT eat or drink ANYTHING (including water) after midnight the night before your surgery.
  • Our doctors may instruct you to take your regular medications (high blood pressure, antibiotics, etc.) or any pre-medication prescription that we have provided, by taking only a SMALL sip of water the morning of your procedure.
  • You MUST have someone present during surgery that will be able to stay in our waiting room the entire length of your procedure, in case of an emergency. This person must also be able to DRIVE you home.
  • Plan to rest the remainder of the day.
  • Do not operate a vehicle, power tools or machinery for 24 hours following surgery.
  • Avoid making any financial or legal decisions 24 hours following surgery.
  • We will require you to sign a consent form and make full payment arrangements before you are sedated.

Work and school excuses will be provided upon request. We are able to excuse you for up to three days or the appropriate healing time. Please notify our staff if you need an excuse. We also ask that you refrain from strenuous physical activity for 5-7 days. Please notify our staff if you need a sports-related excuse.

Our goal is to provide you with safe, pleasant and effective anesthetic. In order to do this, it is imperative that we have your full cooperation. Please feel free to call the office with any questions concerning your oral surgery, anesthetic or surgical instructions at 843-762-9028.

We will go over the your appropriate post-operative surgical instructions based on your procedure and individual needs during your visit.

Normal Post-Op Symptoms:
  • Pain (worse days 3-5)
  • Swelling (worse days 3-5)
  • White or “yellowish†extraction site
  • Spotting or light bleeding
  • Stitches
  • Nausea
  • Bruising
  • Prolonged numbness
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Sandy particles after bone graft
  • Sharp edge after extraction
  • Bad taste after bone graft
  • Sneezing
  • Hiccups
  • Sore Jaw
  • Difficulty opening mouth
DO’s Following Oral Surgery:
  • Change out your gauze every 30 minutes for up to the first 2-3 hours, some bleeding is normal
  • Rinse often (at least 6-8 times a day) with warm salt water
  • Stay hydrated to promote healing
  • Take your prescribed medication as directed
  • Begin brushing your teeth the day after surgery
  • Do allow the appropriate time frame for resting
  • Refrain from smoking for AT LEAST the first 7 days (10 is better)
DONT’s Following Oral Surgery
  • Do not keep the same roll of gauze in longer than 30 minutes, or continue to put gauze in longer than 3 hours
  • No swishing/spitting or using mouth wash for 7 days
  • Don’t use a straw AT ALL for 7 days
  • Do not skip doses of your prescribed medicine because you feel “OKâ€
  • No brushing the direct areas, only surrounding teeth
  • Avoid rigorous activity or heavy lifting for the first 7 days
Soft Foods Diet List:

Anything you can just swallow or mash with your tongue.

  • Soft fruits (bananas, canned peaches or pears)
  • Hearty soups
  • Pudding/custard
  • Jell-O
  • Yogurt
  • Applesauce
  • Fresh-cooked vegetables, Soft
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Eggs (scrambled, fried)
  • Pastas (soft-cooked noodles)
  • Avocado
  • Fish
  • Hummus
  • Cottage cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Baby food
  • Smoothies

Foods to Avoid After Surgery:

Avoid anything with small grains, pieces or particles that could get lodged at the extraction site.

  • Berries with seeds
  • Small seeds (flax, chia, etc.)
  • Nuts
  • Oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits
  • Crunchy snacks
  • Popcorn
  • Spicy food
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Tough or chewy foods (bagels, pizza, steak)
  • Rice
  • Alcohol (First 24 hours)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding surgical instructions or your post-operative care, please call our office at 843-762-9028.