Charleston Aesthetics is a division of Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery.

General Extractions

Efficient Removal of Problem Teeth

Trauma, disease, decay and even certain medications can damage your teeth and may cause a need for a general extraction. At COAFS, our board-certified oral surgeons perform general extractions in the comforting, professional environment of one of our six offices. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide our patients an unparalleled quality of care that draws residents of surrounding communities.

Ensuring Your Care

Our surgeons will present your treatment options and how the appearance of your mouth can be fully restored following an extraction. We believe the best patient is an informed patient, so we provide all the education you desire to be comfortable with the options you choose throughout every stage of your treatment.

Pain-Free Procedure
To ensure your complete relaxation and a virtually pain-free procedure, our doctors are trained in administering different types of anesthesia, ranging from local anesthesia to general anesthesia, nitrous oxide and light sedation. We take a conservative approach during tooth extractions, resulting in less post-procedure discomfort.