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Nervous About Dental Procedures?

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Are you nervous about dental procedures? Don’t worry, you are not alone! So many people feel uneasy about going to the dentist and some even avoid the oral surgeon altogether because of their anxiety. This is an extremely bad idea, since you are missing opportunities for them to treat any problems in the early stages that could result in bigger issues that may need more invasive treatments later.

Sedation can be a great option for people who are nervous about dental procedures as well as people undergoing extensive dental work. It helps ensure that their experience at a dental office is as comfortable as possible.

Oral surgeons receive specialized training in anesthesia. After they complete dental school, they enter a 4 or 6 year program which includes anesthesia training. Unlike general dentists, an oral surgeon is licensed to provide IV sedation with medicines such as Ketamine, Versed, and Propofol which are used to help with pain and/or to induce sleep. This is ideal for more invasive procedures and patients with extremely high dental anxiety.

Other kinds of sedation include oral sedation (a pill taken before the procedure) and Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gasâ€).
Some people are hesitant to receive Anesthesia. However, our patients can feel confident knowing that all of our surgeons have completed a hospital based surgical residency program, which has provided them with the highest level of in-office sedation and anesthesia training possible. This hands-on experience, working alongside medical anesthesiologists, qualifies them to evaluate their patients for anesthesia, deliver anesthetic and effectively monitor them throughout and after surgery. They are experienced in providing anesthesia to all age ranges, from pediatric to elderly patients, and are prepared to help you throughout the procedure.

If you need to undergo a dental procedure, but are hesitant because of your fear and anxiety, feel free to give us a call today and we can go over all of the options we provide to make your experience as comfortable as possible. 843-762-9028.

Nervous About Dental Procedures?

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