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Smile Transformation

A woman with braids is smiling for the camera.

Want to see a gorgeous smile? Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery gifted Julie Canfall with beautiful pearly whites using CT Scan guided surgery, helping this lovely lady smile again.

CT Scan-Guided Surgery is the latest and most advanced technology for Full Arch procedures, resulting in an immediate smile transformation. Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery are the Lowcountry area experts in the CT Scan-Guided Surgery.  Also known as the Guided Full-Arch procedure,  these permanent implants can dramatically improve your speech and chewing ability with the most natural looking, durable teeth.


Our board-certified oral surgeons have the most advanced dental implant training available, decades of experience, and over a 99% success rate.

One of the most revolutionary developments the field of reconstructive oral surgery, dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth anywhere in the mouth. Long-lasting with a natural look and function like real teeth with improved speech and chewing ability. An ideal replacement for dentures while preserving natural bone and stimulating bone growth. Ultimately, dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, lasting many years with the proper care.

Hear more about how dental implants helped Julie smile again.

For more information visit our Immediate Smile Transformation page here or schedule an appointment call 843.762.9028

Smile Transformation

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