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National Face Protection Month

A baseball player sliding into the base

It is National Face Protection Month!  With warmer temperatures and sunshine the staples of springtime here in the Lowcountry, outdoor activities quickly fill the calendar. From sporting events to bike rides, both children and adults are getting outside and getting active!

Families crowd the bleachers and ball fields – and as a result, emergency rooms and doctor’s offices often experience a flood of sports-related accidents during this time of year. That’s why we’re reminding all our patients to protect their faces and heads.

Wearing the right face protection gear will go a long way in keeping players on the field and out of the ER! From helmets to mouth guards, sports safety equipment is a simple way to prevent head, mouth and facial injuries. So, suit up and get out there!

Despite taking precautions to prevent them, we understand that accidents happen. If you or a loved one experience a sports injury and need the highest quality emergency care, we can help! Call 843-762-9028.

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National Face Protection Month

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