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Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate Dental Implants

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The warm breeze and sunshine that define the Lowcountry this time of year are irresistible – and beach-goers are ready to ditch their sarongs and sandals and dive into summertime headfirst. But if you’re feeling less than confident about your smile, keeping it covered up might seem like the only option.

But there’s a better way: dental implants. Before long, the smile you’ve always dreamed of will be yours – just in time for summer! No more shying away from the camera, no more feeling self-conscious about your teeth, no more stifling a laugh behind your hand. Why hide your smile when you can flaunt it instead? Why waste another moment wishing for a gorgeous grin, instead of showing it off?

Immediate dental implants, in particular, make the procedure both cost-effective and convenient. Everyone understands that multiple appointments mean multiple days off work, costing patients both time and money. With the ability to perform an extraction and placement of a dental implant all on the same day, patients are guaranteed to save both. Fewer appointments also means less recovery time, which means you’ll be able to unveil your new smile long before the season ends!

However, it is important to do research before choosing an oral surgeon in order to ensure your smile is in the very best hands. Dr. Aaron Sarathy, oral surgeon at Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery in Bluffton, recommends that patients consult various medical providers before getting dental implants. This will help you to confirm that your surgeon of choice has the proper training and utilizes only the highest quality materials.

“Unfortunately, many patients are not sure of what to look for when researching dental implants and end up choosing cheaper options with inferior products.†explains Dr. Sarathy. “In some circumstances, patients who receive low-cost implant surgery need to have the treatment redone at a significant financial, emotional and physical cost.â€

Although immediate dental implants are a great option for many patients, keep in mind that they may not be the best treatment option for everyone. Patients needing extensive bone grafting, for instance, are not eligible for same-day procedures. Be sure to ask your oral surgeon to thoroughly review your medical history and determine if you’re a candidate.

Why spend another summer covering up your smile? Call Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery at 843-762-9028 today.

Immediate Dental Implants

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