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There’s No Time Like Summertime: 3 Reasons to Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal This Summer

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There are many good reasons for scheduling Wisdom Teeth Removal in the summer: Between baseball and ballet, tutoring and trombone, the school year is a busy time. Getting the kids to school on time and shuttling them between activities can be hectic, but the pace often slows as the calendar flips to June.

Before the summer months get cluttered with vacations and picnics, there’s one important appointment to schedule for your child: wisdom teeth removal.

While some people in their teens and early 20’s experience discomfort, others show no symptoms at all. To avoid problems down the road, the professionals at Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery recommend wisdom teeth removal for all teenagers and young adults, even those whose teeth have not yet broken through.

Here’s why the summertime is best time to schedule the procedure:

No Missed Classes.
School’s out for the summer! And wisdom teeth should be, too. Ensure plenty of recovery time by scheduling your child’s wisdom teeth removal after the final school bell has rung. Your child will be able to rest easy, without stressing about looming due dates – or swollen cheeks.

No Need to Sit on the Sidelines.
The pain and swelling associated with the healing process makes it nearly impossible for even the most dedicated athletes to attend practices or games. To avoid the frustration of being benched during the playoffs, schedule your child’s wisdom teeth removal during the off-season.

No Added Stress for Mom and Dad.
After getting wisdom teeth removed, your child will need a little rest and relaxation—and a little extra attention, too. Many parents find it easier to take a few days off from work during the summer, allowing them to closely monitor their child’s recovery, dole out medication and prepare nutritious, easy-to-eat food for a limited diet. Hint: Frozen treats like popsicles are a tasty alternative to solid food – and summer removal gives kids the perfect excuse to enjoy them!

There’s no time like the summertime, especially when it comes to your child’s oral health! Call Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery today at 843-762-9028 or email us at to schedule your consultation. Find out more about wisdom teeth removal here.

Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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