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A new smile just in time for Mother’s Day!

Imagine growing up without a toothbrush. It’s such a simple thing we take for granted, but for Chelsea Carter, it was a luxury not provided as a child. Not surprisingly, this led to decay and a smile that Chelsea wasn’t proud of. She learned to be careful to hide her smile behind her hand or to grin without showing teeth.

“It definitely brought my confidence down a lot,†said Chelsea. “I don’t feel beautiful as a mother, I don’t feel beautiful as a wife.â€

Enter Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery, who was approached by Chelsea’s dentist, Dr. Kent Griffin. Chelsea met Dr. Strauss at their Summerville-Ingleside location for a preliminary meeting. He saw her as the perfect candidate for full-arch dental implants using cutting-edge digital technology to eliminate the guesswork. The other thing that was eliminated? The cost. COAFS agreed to give Chelsea a brand new smile, pro bono. The doctors believed in Chelsea and wanted to be part of restoring her smile.

Dr. Strauss utilized the GM system by Neodent, a new generation of implant systems that boasts high-level engineering, making it the leader in full-arch procedures. The surgery went seamlessly, and when Chelsea woke up, she had a brand new smile.

“Now I can look at people and be confident … it definitely boosted my self-esteem a lot,†Chelsea said. “They turned me into a confident, strong woman that I knew I was always meant to be for my kids.â€

Watch Chelsea tell her story here.

We salute Chelsea for her courage and honor her as the beautiful, strong, caring mother that she is. We know the Charleston area is full of cases just like Chelsea’s, and we want to be part of those stories, too.

If you or someone you know is in need of guided full-arch dental implants, contact COAFS. Virtual appointments are available from the ease and comfort of your home. Together, we can ensure that — just like Chelsea — you’ll smile again.

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