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If you’re missing a tooth (or several) or want to rejuvenate your smile, a tooth implant may be the right option for you.

Tooth implants can be performed anywhere in the mouth, including the front teeth, and are a natural-looking, permanent solution for tooth loss.

A tooth implant — or dental implant — begins with installing a metal screw into a healthy jawbone. You are an ideal candidate for such a procedure if you have a healthy jawbone and gums. If you and your dentist assess that you meet the criteria, a titanium screw will essentially serve as the root of the artificial tooth. After healing, an abutment will be used to secure the dental crown to the already-placed screw. The crown is the aesthetic portion of your new smile and will be made to match the look of your natural teeth.

Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery places more dental implants than any other Lowcountry-area practice. Our expert surgeons will perform the procedure right in our office, at one of our six locations. Call our office today to discuss if a tooth implant is the answer for you. No longer are bridges and dentures your only option; permanent teeth that look, feel and act like natural teeth are indeed possible.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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