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Wisdom Teeth Removal Over Winter Break

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The holidays are quickly approaching and many of us are preparing for the festivities ahead. However, holiday break is also an ideal time to schedule a wisdom teeth extraction for you or your child.

What Age is Best for Removing Wisdom Teeth?

The American Dental Association recommends that extractions take place between the ages of 16 and 19 as bone becomes denser as we age. As a result, wisdom teeth extraction becomes more difficult and riskier for older people.

Without treatment, wisdom teeth may become impacted and cause severe problems like pain, overcrowding of teeth, and negative effects to your oral health and other teeth.

Recovery Time

It takes about a week for full healing after Wisdom Teeth extractions. You will need to consume soft foods and fluids and take extra care to keep the area clean along with possibly taking antibiotics or medicine for pain.

If your teen or young adult needs their Wisdom Teeth removed, winter break is a perfect time as it allows recovery time without missing any important school classes.

End-of-Year Insurance Benefits

Scheduling your Wisdom Teeth extraction and any other dental procedures during the holiday break is the perfect way to take advantage of dental benefits before they expire.

The Wisdom Teeth Experts

Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery expert surgeons have performed over 100,000 of teeth extractions and are committed to your complete relaxation and a virtually pain-free procedure.

Ready to schedule your wisdom teeth removal? Call (866) 7MY SMILE to make an appointment today!

Wisdom Teeth Removal Over Winter Break
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